How to Get Your Kid to Eat Healthy Too

Tips to get your kids to eat new foods

  • Monkey See Monkey Do – Parents need to be eating their veggies too.
  • Be Consistent – I’m talking about you and not the kids. I want you to be eating your veggies every day too. I want you to be consistent, because when you’re consistent the kids pick up on that. They see more vegetables every day- its not scary anymore. It’s not a big deal anymore.
  • STOP Making it a Big Deal – If you’re the parent that preps and trie to psch the kid up to eat their veggies….waaa….waaa… not going to work. When was the last time you told your child that was learning to ride a bike, “Now, I want you to stay on the bike and don’t fall off ok. I don’t want you to fall off”…… Thats what you sound like when you say “Now, I want you to eat you vegetables and not spit them out. They’re really good this time. You’ll really like them. I just want you to try them, If you don’t like them thats ok but just try them”….  See how crazy you sound. Sorry. Just shhhh….
  • Do ask them to help in the kitchen – when kids help in the kitchen, its a learning opportunity. How many times have you NOT done something because you didn’t know anything about it? Educate them and they’ll eat those veggies you’re making together.
  • Do keep putting it in their lunches every day even if it keeps coming back home uneaten.
  • Don’t give them a second chance at dinner…. This is usually the hardest one. You make dinner once and if they don’t like a veggie than “Sorry Charlie”. You can go to bed hungry. (Yes my kids are better eaters because of this)

I know it’s not always easy getting the kids to eat healthy but I promise it’s worth it! Let me know if you have any problems, I want you and your family to do well (and be well!).

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