Simple and Healthy School Lunches

Growing up I knew what I was getting for lunch every day… Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chips, a dessert snack and a piece of fruit. Water only. It was like clockwork because I’m one of four kids and my mom had a lot of lunches to make.

Now that I have two little ones myself, I’ve had to become creative to make sure they’re eating not just getting peanut butter sandwiches every day. I’m not against sandwiches. What I am against is too much sugar in lunches. {watch this video to see how much sugar could be lerking in your kids sandwiches! }

Are your kids addicted to the sugar in their lunches? This is why I like to challenge myself to come up with new ideas for the kids and myself. All of these lunches below have been approved by two very hard critiques, my 3 year old and 5 year old. Remember though I’ve been very consistent with my kids with giving them vegetable exposure every day of their lives.

With your little ones start by adding one vegetable a day and see how they do. It can take up to 20 tries for a child to accept a new food.  Gradually increase their amounts. However with that said, I don’t want you to keep buying the processed foods either. It’s a balance of slowly increasing the good stuff while weeding out the junk.

Here are some of my favorites for lunches! Have fun!

  •  Use a whole wheat tortilla or wrap + organic peanut butter + thinly sliced strawberries (or can use banana).
    • Pair with hummus + broccoli & carrots
    • Will Freeze well for up to 2 weeks. You can make multiple at a time a freeze them to pull out the morning of school day and will thaw by the time lunch arrives.

Lunch doesn't have to be complicated. If you chop your veggies before the week... it makes assembling these lunches even faster!  Lunch doesn’t have to be complicated. If you chop your veggies before the week… it makes assembling these lunches even faster!

  •  Make a raw fruit + Veggies + nut lunch + 1 slice of organic cheese + unsalted nuts + vegetables for the hummus. It really is a filling and fun dipping lunch!
    • Make an assembly line and make enough for a few days worth.

  • Whole wheat tortilla or wrap + hummus + spinach + bell peppers + carrots + cheese + mustard for a wrap
    • Pair with berries or sliced apples
    • Hummus does not freeze well but you can make enough for two days in a row to help a little with the stress/chaos in the mornings

  •  1/2 Cheese quesadilla + hummus & flat pretzels + nuts + fruit
    • Make ahead except wait until day of serving to add pretzels & nuts so they don’t get soggy.

  •  Zucchini Muffins {Muffin Recipe Here} + slice of bread w/melted cheese + Carrots w/Hummus + berries + Sweet potato cinnamon cubes
    • You can use these muffins as part of breakfast and snacks too!

Hope you enjoy making these and remember to be consistent. The first few times the kids may come home with half the lunch still full. It’s ok. Be patient. Be consistent and Be the example.

Remember you can always have leftovers for lunch too! I like to use a thermos to keep soups, chili’s, and quinoa bowls warm for lunch. Here’s an easy guide for you to make a healthy dinner in 30 minutes or less!

Til next time!



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