• I am extremely thankful for your passion and knowledge of nutrition. My doctor said that my cholesterol level was high and mentioned putting me on a medication. That was enough of a wake up call from me, so I called you for advice! You advised that I start adding milled flaxseed to everything! I did and my cholesterol levels are now perfect! I tell Everyone about this awesome trick!

    Erica W
  • Nicole is great! She meets you where you're at! If you're advanced and already know a lot about nutrition she encourages and stretches you to step further. If you're starting with basics she teaches you how to build from there. She gives you lots of resources and real life experiences and how to cope with these so that you can remain focused and still feed yourself and your family healthfully. She is super quick to respond and she opens herself up so that she is accessible. I love the sincerity and familiarity of her

    Jess S.
  • (Nicole and her meal plans) Took the stress out of cooking and grocery shopping. Lost three pounds and learned healthy food can be delicious!

    Deidre C.

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